Commercial canopies: Set up a perfect beer garden with a commercial canopy

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Do you have any idea how I can have a beer garden at a community function that will protect from inclement weather?

Commercial canopies: Set up a perfect beer garden with a commercial canopy

It is a community function and the local pub is offering a beer garden. You are amazed when you round the corner and see a colorful commercial canopy erected and full of people enjoying the cool beverage and visiting with each other. A band is set up at one end of the beer garden and surrounding the band is another pop-up canopy. You are stunned by the acoustics and the band's wonderful sound. You really weren't planning to stay long at the beer garden. You were just going to make an appearance and say ‘hi' to a few friends but the ambience and music has drawn you in and you are hooked. The night flies by as you enjoy good company, great beer, and delicious food … not to mention fantastic, soul-stomping music.
This pub was smart in their decision to use a commercial tent and most likely they took in enough money that night to pay for the brightly colored, canopies printed with their name and logos.
Since they bought the tents, they will have them available to use every weekend if they'd like.



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