Event canopies: Canopies are designed with your wedding in mind

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Is using a canopy or tent for my wedding tacky?

Event canopies: Canopies are designed with your wedding in mind

When it comes to weddings, specifically Jewish weddings, canopies have been used for centuries. However for non-Jewish weddings, using a canopy is more than just standing under a piece of cloth.

It might have been considered "tacky" to use a tent some years ago because there were few options - and, face it, a green army tent isn't very romantic.

The tent and canopy industry has really diversified in the last couple of decades and choices today are enormous.

Weddings from "simple" to "elegant" are held in canopies designed with the wedding in mind. Custom tents that are designed to look like cathedrals, large enough to house an army (no pun intended on the army tent statement). You are only limited by your desire to search out the best design for your particular wedding. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the manufacturer or dealer. They will be happy to assist you and direct you to the best tent or canopy for your once-in-a-lifetime event.



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