Event canopies: Find the right canopy or tent for your event

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What do I need to look for in an "all occasion" canopy?

Event canopies: Find the right canopy or tent for your event

If you are looking for an all-occasion canopy or event tent you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What is the main function of this canopy?

2. How many people at a time do I expect to utilize the “shade” or protection?

3. Will the terrain I use always be flat? Or will there be hills and valleys?

4. How much clearance do I need?

5. How much can I spend?

If you are planning your canopy to be one that is taken to different functions, you'll want to choose one that is lightweight and fairly easy to set up – you don't want your party time taken up with setting up the roof.

If you plan to use a location that may not be flat, look for a canopy that can be easily adjusted to compensate for the dips and rises.

Most likely you will want your canopy to be large enough to walk under without stooping … so look for a canopy that will have a clearance of at least 7 feet – higher if you plan to have the local high school basketball team come to the party.

Cost of canopies and event tents varies drastically so do some price comparisons and analysis of the type of canopy you are looking for. The prices begin at about $100 and go up from there. A quality canopy that will last for year typically start around 350.00.



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