Properly weight your canopy

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What should I keep in mind when making weights for my canopy?

Properly weight your canopy

Because a sudden gust of wind can disrupt your canopy even in sunny conditions, you should always properly weight your canopy when outdoors. A number of commercial canopy weights are available for purchase. If you choose to make your own canopy weights, follow a few rules to ensure safety and effectiveness.

1. Make sure your homemade weights and the cords binding them to your canopy are easily visible to people walking by.

2. Never use sandbags or cinder blocks as they are notorious for causing scraped legs and sprained toes.

3. Never use cords that stretch, as people can get tangled in them.

4. If you use tent stakes to secure your canopy, cover them with brightly covered foam and make sure they aren't sticking out in the common walkway. The foam will draw attention to them and lessen the impact if someone accidentally walks into them.



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