Canopies for beginning arts and crafts show sellers

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How can a beginning arts and crafts show vendor get a good canopy?

Canopies for beginning arts and crafts show sellers

Because the best arts and crafts shows are outdoors, you are going to need a high quality canopy to withstand heavy wind and rain. These are well worth the cost because of the added durability, but may not be realistic for your beginning crafter's budget. If you aren't sure whether you'll be sticking with arts and crafts shows or aren't ready to invest in a high end canopy for whatever reason, consider partnering with another beginning crafter to buy a canopy. You can alternate canopy use, or share the space at the same shows.

If you need all the space to yourself and you want to show every weekend, ask around for someone who is willing to sell their lower quality canopy to you at a discount. When you make enough money to buy a better quality canopy for yourself, return the favor by selling your canopy to another beginner.



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