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What type of walls are available for my canopy or booth at shows?

Canopy accessories: Put walls on your canopy

There are several different types of sidewalls you can get for your canopy depending on the planned use for new structure. Sidewalls offer extra protection and privacy and are a great addition to your canopy accessories box.

You can get clear sidewalls that can be full size or work as a waist high railing for events. These "walls" can also offer a canvas for advertising. The walls can be one piece or they can be purchased with a zipper in the middle. the sides can be full size or work as a waist high railing for events. They also offer more of a "canvas" for advertising.The choices are as varied as the people who purchase the canopies.

What kind of custom ordered accessories are available?

Canopy accessories: Table covers will accent your display

There are a variety of table covers that you can obtain to match your canopy. They can be custom ordered with your business name, logo or club message. The table cover completes a professional look for your exhibit booth if you are using the canopy for shows or sales. The addition of the table cover, along with your beautiful canopy will be sure to attract an interested crowd. The table covers are available in several sizes, fabrics and colors. Most canopy companies offer these accessories.

How can I draw attention to my booth?

Canopy accessories: Free standing banners will get you notice

One of your large sources of income is selling at flea markets or farmer's markets but you seem to have trouble getting the throngs of people to stop at your booth. Do not get discouraged as there are a few simple marketing techniques you can do to make your booth stand out.

Adding a banner on trade show booths is a nice complement to your canopy. They are versatile and can also be color coordinated with a drape you may have chosen for your table. They are available in many fabric types including vinyl, mesh, satin and more. The banners are adjustable in height and some have a quick snap that allows you to set them up in minutes.

What's the best way to stabilize my canopy?

Canopy accessories: Stakes will stabilize your canopy

Once a canopy is set up at a sale or show it needs to be secured. The canopy is unstable and can easily be tipped or blown away in a gust of wind. You can purchase weight bags from the dealer that will match your canopy with several different types of weights available.
Another accessory offered by dealers are stakes that attach to the leg of your canopy. They are great in sand or breezy and unpredictable areas.

What's the best way to protect my canopy?

Canopy accessories: Protect your canopy

After putting some good money into your new canopy you will want to keep it protected when it is being transported. One accessory that is available for canopies is a commercial roller bag. The bag has a hard plastic bottom with wheels attached so you can roll the canopy instead of carrying it, possibly hurting your back. The bag offers some pockets and slots to help transport more of your belongings.

There are other options for protection of your canopy. A regular roller bag without all the doo-dads will cost less or you could opt for just a ‘dust cover' available from dealers.

All of these will cover your canopy and keep it fresh between uses.

What kind of accessories are available to make my canopy stand out at a show?

Canopy accessories: Side rails add interest to your booth

There are a variety of accessories available for canopies that can be purchased separately from your canopy shelter.

Side rails, purchased separately, can convert your canopy into an attractive exhibit booth. The side rail hardware is attached to the legs of the canopy and the fabric covers the side of the “booth” about 40 inches up from the ground leaving the top half open for your exhibit. Many manufacturers also offer digital printing and silk screen printing that make your side panels stand out of the crowd.

Do I need to get weights for my canopy?

Canopy accessories: Weights for your canopy are necessary

If you do not have experience using a canopy at a flea market, you need to be aware that they can be dangerous. A gust of wind or even a wayward child can knock your canopy for a loop and cause injuries.
Always secure your canopy as soon as you get it set up. Don't wait until a “better time.” The better time is now.
Whatever you chose to secure your canopy make sure the method itself isn't dangerous or hazardous.

How do you clean a canopy after a show?

Canopy accessories: Cleaning your canopy

It is inevitable your canopy will get dirty. The material used is normally very simple to clean but if you get a stubborn spot, contact the manufacturer to find out if they sell a spot cleaner or have advice for you to remove the stain. Normally plain ol' soap and water with some elbow grease added will do the trick. Once the canopy has been cleaned it is very important to completely dry the canopy top. Any wet spots will cause mold too grow and the cleaning process will be very difficult.

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