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Our community center is too small but we can't remodel yet. Is there a way to temporarily expand the size?

Commercial canopies: Buildings can be extended with canopies

A wise choice to expand the size of a building temporarily would be to purchase a large canopy to assist with overflow. The community center board will find 1,000 uses for the commercial canopy from separate dining area, to providing a place for the children away from the adult function. It is possible with the help of the distributor, to design a way to attach the commercial canopy tent to the building using a side door opening and another canopy or joiners.

The community center will become more active and donations will most likely pour in for the remodel and update.

We don't have room in our store for a fashion show but would like to utilize the show to bring customers into our store. Do you have an idea for a tent or canopy that might work for this?

Commercial canopies: Tented fashion show can direct guests to the store using canopies

Consider using a tent canopy located near the store to keep the fashion show separated but still close enough to cash in on the effects of the show on those attending.

The fashion show could be in a tent about 50x150, large enough for a runway and about 500 guests, including the models, agents, stylists. A clear vinyl roof could allow a nice view of the city skyline if the tent is situated in the right place.

If you want to go a step further, you can create a walkway directly to the store out of long walk-through canopies.

Do I need a canopy booth for my flea market sales?

Commercial canopies: Get a good commercial canopy to attend many flea markets

Before you invest hundreds of dollars into a canopy you might want to make sure that flea markets are going to be an ongoing thing for you. Go to your first one, making sure the sponsors are going to let you show with just a table or provide a shelter for you. If you go to a few this way, you can make a better decision on purchasing your canopy.
One low cost, but effective way to protect your products in the interim is to use a "picnic tent" to cover your booth. While they won't last very long in rough weather, they can provide your display booth with adequate protection from the elements when conditions are mild.
Once you've decided that you want to purchase a canopy shelter, you need to get a good sturdy commercial grade canopy that will last a long time. Getting a pop-up shelter will be advatageous as they go up and come down in minutes with no help... you can do it yourself.
There are a lot of accessories and signage-type help you can receive from the canopy manufacturers, so take some time to make your choice.

Can a tent handle a large business in an emergency?

Comercial canopies: Large businesses can set up in a tent

One of the nation's worst disasters of all time, Hurricane Katrina, gave the tent and canopy industry the ultimate test and it has stood up to the challenge.

WalMart in Waveland, Miss., set up a tent quickly after the disaster to answer the need for bare essentials and even a few luxuries.

They put up a 16,000 sq. ft. industrial strength A-frame tent complete with electricity and six 30-ton air conditioners. They were up and running in a very short time doing business to very grateful customers.

If you have a business needing the help of a commercial tent, don't balk about it. Look for what you need and put it to work.

Do you have any ideas to increase revenue using my new canopy?

Commercial canopies: Advertising printed on your canopy

Have you thought of selling advertising to be printed on the commercial canopy you take to flea markets and farmers markets? The paid advertising could more than pay for the printing as well as your canopy and maybe give you an additional income. It also benefits the advertiser with a wide exposure to a varied crowd.

After your commercial canopy is printed you could continue to sell advertising by using free standing banners. They are versatile, attractive and those passing by your booth will surely see them. Be creative and you'll be making more money than you expected this season.

Is it possible to get table covers that will compliment my commercial canopy at trade shows?

Commercial canopies: A table cover to match your canopy is an asset

You can get table covers to match your commercial canopy printed with information or your business logo and name. The table cover completes a professional look to your commercial booth or exhibit trade show booth display, if you are using the canopy for shows or sales. The addition of the table cover, along with your beautiful commercial canopy will be sure to attract a good crowd. The table covers are available in several sizes and fabric choices and most canopy companies offer these accessories.

Are there any unique tents on the market that will help my business tand out?

Commercial Canopies: Unique Star canopy is perfect for business

A unique commercial canopy on the market today is in the shape of a star. When erected, the star design of this outdoor tent is very aesthetically appealing as well as functional. The tent is supported by a single center pole and is anchored at the star points with stakes. The commercial tent can be set up in only 15 minutes. The 800 square foot tent will seat 88 people and is easily entered from any point.
The unique design of this canopy draws more attention than the conventional commercial canopy and with graphics extending down the arms of the star you'll have people coming from all directions to your site.

Should our Parks and Recreation Department have a canopy or tent for client use?

Commercial canopies: Parks and recreation departments need canopies available

It is almost a must these days for parks and recreation departments to have a large commercial outdoor canopy available for use. Sizes start at about 25 square feet and go up to over 1300 square feet or more in most companies. These commercial canopies are perfect for outdoor concerts, plays, gatherings. The acoustics are wonderful when used as an instant band shell.
With a high grade commercial canopy the parks department can compete for corporate meetings with an outdoor flare.

How can I get more visibility at my trade shows?

Commercial canopies: Trade shows are successful with a good commercial canopy

An invaluable asset for a company that takes their business to trade shows is a good commercial canopy or canopy tent. The size and type for a trade show display booth would be chosen with your product in mind. Getting the right canopy, however, will make you look professional and will absolutely garner more sales.

Consider a large, bright yellow tent with bold, brass graphics printed on it… who could pass that up? They'd see you for blocks away and you'd become the topic of conversation as these folks make their way to your site. It is also real easy to give directions to your site by saying, “Look for the yellow tent.”

Do you have any idea how I can have a beer garden at a community function that will protect from inclement weather?

Commercial canopies: Set up a perfect beer garden with a commercial canopy

It is a community function and the local pub is offering a beer garden. You are amazed when you round the corner and see a colorful commercial canopy erected and full of people enjoying the cool beverage and visiting with each other. A band is set up at one end of the beer garden and surrounding the band is another pop-up canopy. You are stunned by the acoustics and the band's wonderful sound. You really weren't planning to stay long at the beer garden. You were just going to make an appearance and say ‘hi' to a few friends but the ambience and music has drawn you in and you are hooked. The night flies by as you enjoy good company, great beer, and delicious food … not to mention fantastic, soul-stomping music.
This pub was smart in their decision to use a commercial tent and most likely they took in enough money that night to pay for the brightly colored, canopies printed with their name and logos.
Since they bought the tents, they will have them available to use every weekend if they'd like.

Can I make a canopy into a business sign?

Commercial canopies: Canopies make great signage

Canvas-type commercial canopy signs have become very popular on store fronts not only because they are economical but they are functional and very attractive as well. If you own a business and you've wondered how to make that business stand out, you might want to consider a commercial canopy or an awning over the front door or the length of the front of your store. You can choose any color of the rainbow and not only that, you can print whatever you want on the canopy, making it your business sign. Your customers will praise you for giving them a place to stand or walk during a cloud burst and you'll find your sidewalk outside your door will stay cleaner longer.

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