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As military needs grow, are there tents that can be added on?

Military canopies: Modular canopies can be made any size

There are a variety of portable canopies made for the military that are modular... they can be added on and on by attaching more of the modular units.
With two end modules and any number of center modules, the size of the tent is limited only by the land it is placed upon. These modular tents can be made into hospitals, mess tents, or barracks depending on the needs of the military.

Does the military utilize any portable shelters or canopies with solid walls?

Miltary canopies: Military portable shelters date way back

Portable shelters (rather than tents) had been used for at least a short time by the military. In March, 1941 the navy requested a prefabricated, "knockdown shelter" to be built here.
The contractor's first design was created at Quonset Point, Rhode Island; it was a half-cylinder made of corrugated steel with arch ribs; insulated, with a pressed-wood interior; it could be put up on concrete, on pilings, or on the ground.
The army ordered 16,000 of them after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The military uses portable canopies and tents now.

Can canopies help in very hot climates to prolong the life of aircraft?

Military canopies: Sun shades on military bases help prolong aircraft life

Sun shades have been installed on many bases in the United States and have a design that reduces heat fatigue of personnel, as well as, reduce temperatures on aircraft are stored in the outside heat.
At least one system reduced temperatures on the seat and the window canopy of the aircraft by as much as 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures on the nose of the aircraft were reduced by 24 degrees Fahrenheit. The test was conducted by military personnel and the results are available by request.

Is there a way for military recruiters to get to more people with a tent?

Military canopies: Use a tent for recruiting allows versatility

Using a portable trade show booth or canopy tent to recruit troops for the military is a wise choice. The ease and quick set up gives recruiters freedom to take their recruiting efforts to the public instead of waiting for men and women to find them. Since canopy companies now have the ability to customize tents and canopies, the military can customize their tent with U.S. Army emblazoned in bold letters across their army green tent. Other graphics will draw attention and will make the tent very visible in a congested area. Taking the recruiting efforts on the road will most definitely pay off in signing up more young men and women and giving them the benefits of the military programs of education and more.

Can we purchase military tents for military re-enactments?

Military canopies: Re-enactment military tents, canopies are available

There are several places that produce re-enactment equipment including military tents and canopies. Military tents from the 1700's and 1800's are unique, however, some of the designs live on today.
One design that comes from the 1700's but lives on today is the shelter half, sometimes now called a "pup tent".
From the tiny Revolutionary War Private's Tent and the Civil War A-Frame to the French and Indian War 1750 tents representing these eras are available.

Is there a way for military to set up their camps in a more efficient manner?

Military canopies: Military can cut time to a fraction with pop-up canopies

The military has been using tents for years for troops and now there are a lot more choices for them to be more efficient in their use. Years ago, the tents used were difficult and time consuming to put up. Time is of the essence for military personnel in the field and now they can opt for a pop-up military tent that goes up in minutes. There are many fabrics and colors available. Using a more breathable fabric aids in the troops' comfort in hot, stifling weather.

Can the military get special tents made to their specs?

Military canopies: Military designed canopies and structures are often used

The military provides command posts, remote tactical shelters, warehouses and portable medical facilities. Quite often the military will design what they want and have a manufacturer provide them with the canopy or tent made to that design.
One design is one that allows maximum free standing floor space in a vertical sidewall shelter design in different sizes. It allows for special lighting and even double doors, if needed.
Current uses for this particular military design include, tactical command posts, chemical warfare decontamination shelters, ablution facilities, mess halls, barracks, medical treatment shelters, portable warehouses and currently serve as general tactical field operation shelters for land mine retrieval operations internationally.

Can the tents or canopies in the military provide safety from chemicals?

Military canopies: Some military shelters are designed for ultimate safety

There are a few very versatile canopies that can be deployed in a variety of climatic conditions. The advantages are the ability to be provided in virtually any configuration to suit the special deployment conditions and requirements.
They have been tested to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion, resistance to flexing and flammability.
One very special configuration is that the structure can be supplied with an inner skin of polyethylene or polypropylene which can meet requirements of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical containment.
The roof/ceiling is thermally bonded-laminated to fire retardant high-density polyethylene on both sides. The insulation helps keep the canopy cool in the heat and warm when it is cold outside.
The design is more of a dome than a pointed tent.

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