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How can I best use my canopy at my company's sidewalk sale?

Attach banners to your canopy at a sidewalk sale

If you're using a canopy at your company's sidewalk sale, attach a banner for added exposure. The banner you choose should be bright, but not so covered with graphics that they detract from your message. Look for a banner that is machine washable for easy cleaning, and durable so that it can be used again for your next successful sidewalk sale.

How can I get my workshop projects done without being stuck inside all day?

Create an outdoor workshop

Nobody wants to be stuck inside a stuffy garage or shed during a nice day, but if you have a building project that you need to get done quickly it may look like that is your only answer. If you want to get your project done and enjoy the outdoors at the same time, set up your canopy in the yard or driveway and work there. You'll benefit from the fresh air, but still be able to check your project off your to-do list.

Do I need a canopy permit for my company's event?

Get a canopy permit

If your business or organization is hosting a special event that includes the use of a canopy, be sure to check with your city well in advance to determine whether or not you will need a permit. If you do need a permit, you may have to provide information such as floor plan, plot plan, and certification that the tent is flame retardant. You may also be required to pay a permit fee. Your city may require permits for both indoor and outdoor canopies, so it's best to check before your event.

Is it ok to use my canopy during a storm?

Use caution with your canopy in a storm

When in doubt, don't put up your canopy during a windstorm or when a storm is approaching. Even if you have the best weights available for your canopy, the canopy will still be vulnerable to gusts of wind during set up and take down. If picked up by the wind, your canopy will become a serious hazard that can cause injury to people and property.

What should I remember when bringing my canopy to the driving range?

Bring a canopy to the driving range

Your afternoon at the driving range doesn't have to be cut short by drizzle or scorching heat. Bring your canopy with you to the driving range for protection from the elements. Call ahead to make sure that canopies are allowed, and to find out if there are size restrictions in place. Also, ask about the terrain so you can choose the best weights. In general, it's best to use a smaller canopy at the driving range to avoid encroaching on another golfer's space.

What's the best way to set up a lemonade stand?

Lemonade relaxation station

Turn your kids' lemonade stand into a refreshment oasis by setting up a canopy and lawn chairs behind the lemonade stand. Customers can sip their lemonade in the shade while reclining comfortably on the chairs. By getting them to stay a little longer, you may even be able to sell them an extra cup of lemonade. Don't forget to provide a garbage can for the empty paper cups and napkins.

What should I keep in mind when making weights for my canopy?

Properly weight your canopy

Because a sudden gust of wind can disrupt your canopy even in sunny conditions, you should always properly weight your canopy when outdoors. A number of commercial canopy weights are available for purchase. If you choose to make your own canopy weights, follow a few rules to ensure safety and effectiveness.

1. Make sure your homemade weights and the cords binding them to your canopy are easily visible to people walking by.

2. Never use sandbags or cinder blocks as they are notorious for causing scraped legs and sprained toes.

3. Never use cords that stretch, as people can get tangled in them.

4. If you use tent stakes to secure your canopy, cover them with brightly covered foam and make sure they aren't sticking out in the common walkway. The foam will draw attention to them and lessen the impact if someone accidentally walks into them.

How can I better enjoy my outdoor hot tub when it's raining?

Put a canopy over your hot tub

There's nothing quite like sitting in your outdoor hot tub on a cool night. To ensure that rain doesn't interrupt your relaxation, place a canopy over your hot tub. This will keep the rain out, but allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor spa.

How can a beginning arts and crafts show vendor get a good canopy?

Canopies for beginning arts and crafts show sellers

Because the best arts and crafts shows are outdoors, you are going to need a high quality canopy to withstand heavy wind and rain. These are well worth the cost because of the added durability, but may not be realistic for your beginning crafter's budget. If you aren't sure whether you'll be sticking with arts and crafts shows or aren't ready to invest in a high end canopy for whatever reason, consider partnering with another beginning crafter to buy a canopy. You can alternate canopy use, or share the space at the same shows.

If you need all the space to yourself and you want to show every weekend, ask around for someone who is willing to sell their lower quality canopy to you at a discount. When you make enough money to buy a better quality canopy for yourself, return the favor by selling your canopy to another beginner.

Which canopy works best for travel on my boat?

Bring a canopy on your boat

Canopies are so portable and storage-friendly that it makes sense to bring one - or even keep one - on your boat. This way you'll have instant shelter and shade wherever you land. For greatest portability, choose a canopy that folds down easily and comes with a bag for travel.

How can I create a team space at my kids' soccer game?

Bring a canopy to the soccer game

A canopy at a kids' soccer game can provide a comfortable place for team members to wait while they are on the bench and celebrate after the game. Set up a separate canopy for spectators. Canopies are a great place to hang the team banner, and help create a sense of team unity.

How can a canopy benefit me at my yard sale?

Use a canopy at your yard sale

Anything you can do when hosting a yard sale to make customers more comfortable while browsing will bring you more success. A great idea is to place a group of similar items under a canopy. Set up tables so that your customers won't have to bend over to inspect your items, and arrange the items atractively. The canopy will make people more likely to spend a few extra minutes outside of the scorching heat or the rain and looking through your well-organized items. Those few extra minutes may be all it takes for them to find something they have to have.

What is the best canopy for tailgating?

Show team pride with your canopy

If you do a lot of tailgating, you need to look into getting a canopy that is printed with your team logo. These ultimate tailgating accessories are available for both professional and college teams. If you can't find exactly what you want, you can have a canopy custom made for your team. You will be the envy of every other tailgater at the stadium, park or neighborhood where you put up your canopy.

How can I make sure my customers enter through the front of my canopy?

Direct traffic with your canopy

To ensure that people enter in the front of your canopy at a trade show or arts and crafts fair, choose a canopy that has a full panel on the back and partial panels on the sides. The partial side panels create windows that allow customers to see your wares from the sides. They won't be able to walk into your canopy from the sides, but will be required to walk in through the open front of the canopy where you can greet them and ask them if you can answer their questions.

Which canopy should I use at an arts and crafts show?

The best canopies for arts and crafts shows

Crafters who display their art at craft shows should buy a plain white canopy. The white backdrop shows off your crafts and doesn't distract from them. Because most craft shows give a 10x10 foot area, this size is best. If you go with a 10x10 foot canopy, make sure that it doesn't flare out at the ends, as this will impose on your neighbor's space and cause problems. If you have many crafts to display and are using a larger canopy, call the show coordinators ahead of time. Many will be willing to rent you an adjacent space or even an additional half space for your larger canopy.

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