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Are there canopies or tents that can be used for a child's party?

Party tents: Children's parties can be made more festive with party tents

Any party, especially a child's party, can be made more festive with a colorful canopy or outdoor party tent. The variety of styles and colors will let you choose exactly the right one to make the party more memorable for your child.

The tents with striped tops give a carnival feel to the party or can choose a circus tent and have a circus theme.

Whatever theme you choose, you can complete the look if you find the right party tent.

How is the sound when you have a band play surrounded by a canopy?

Party tents: Canopy concert stages offers amazing acoustics

There are a several canopy designs that work amazingly well for a concert stage. The most attractive and the one that seems to gain the most attention is the tension star design. This beautiful canopy is a band-shell, excellent for audience viewing and the acoustics will amaze you. Since it is a tension canopy, set up and tear down can be done in a matter of minutes. The tent folds down into three carry bags that will fit in the trunk of almost any standard vehicle.

This party tent is designed with four elegant arches that rise to over seven feet and the front opens to over eleven feet.

Open air concerts are wonderful but the sound is sometimes lost in the vastness. You can have the best of both worlds with the choice of a canopy to surround your band playing in the park.

What size of tent do I need for my party?

Party tents: The size of a tent depends on the number of guests

To determine the size of party tent you will need, first, determine how many people you want to accommodate at any one time for your event.
A really quick number to use is 10 sq. ft. per person for backyard, beer garden or festival use. Allow a little more space, about 12 sq. ft. per person for such events as weddings, corporate openings or high-end sporting events.

Our company is planning a fund raiser. Do you have any ideas using a tent or canopy?

Party tents: Corporate fundraisers can be successful in a tent

Quite often companies will organize fund-raising events to raise money for a worthwhile charity. One such event could be a “Las Vegas” themed party and getting a party tent for the event will not only negate having to rent a hall, but the cool air passing through your tent will refresh the guests and encourage them stay longer.
One particular event went all the way using gambling tables with wrestling as a bonus activity.
It is illegal in most states to gamble but the group got around that by selling guests tokens valued from $1 and up. Guests could cash in their winnings for prizes like CD players, a trip to a day spa, etc. The company was able to get area businesses to donate the prizes, helping the group hold on to the funds they raised. Donated prizes that went unclaimed at the end of the day were then auctioned off.
That evening a band was set up in a canopy stage and the guest that stayed enjoyed dancing, visiting along with their favorite beverage.

What's the difference between a marquee, a canopy, a pole tent or a clearspan structure?

Party tents: There are several different types, sizes of tents

A marquee usually refers to the high peak in a Hexagon frame tent. They feature a design with a "flying centre pole" to create the distinctive design lines for this party tent.
A canopy can have the same design top but usually they do not have side walls so it is just a cover over your party.
Pole tents use tall center poles and perimeter ropes to tighten the tent fabric into place to create the roof. These tents are normally much larger and are designed to give a larger party area. These are popular for weddings and banquets or festivals.
Clearspan structures are large span "temporary" buildings that you might see at sporting events and commercial projects. They are supported by steel truss arches that require a crane to lift into place for installation.
You can usually refer to any of these structures simply as a tent but there are differences in what they do, how they look and in what manner the fabric roof is supported.

Can you heat a party tent in the winter?

Party tents: Heating a tent in the winter

You can heat your party tent in the winter but you need to have some details about expected snow load, how the tent is anchored and other considerations.
The best thing to do if you need to heat your tent is to contact your manufacturer and get their recommendations.

Do I need a floor in my party tent?

Party tents: A floor is not necessary for party tents

In most cases you don't need a floor in your party tent, especially if you have a really nice lawn of grass - why cover that up? Sometimes you might want a floor other than grass for dancing on and flooring is available if needed. The best for a temporary floor is snap-lock floor with black or marble being the most common. Snap-lock floor works great on hard surfaces such as asphalt parking lots for display shows or any special event. For rough areas including grass, gravel or construction sites, plywood subfloor must be used.

We want our wedding in our garden but our home won't sit that many people for the reception. Is there a nice party tent that will help?

Party tents: Party tents can be invaluable for large wedding parties

One would not think a "tent" would be nice enough for a wedding but party tents today are as nice and as elegant as any wedding hall and they can be set up in your yard, the park, or any place you need to have the space. If you search around you'll find party tents made to look like castles, grand ball rooms most anything you can think of. White of course is perfect for a wedding but if you choose a different color, it is most likely available.
If your wedding party is small or very large, there is a party tent that will fit the bill.

Do I need to get a permit if I have a tent for a party?

Party tents: Check for regulations and permits for tents in your area

Each municipality has different regulations so it is important that you check at city hall for any permits that you might need for your party and for putting up your party tent. They will give you whatever regulations the city has made regarding your function as well.

Can you join different size party tents together for a function?

Party tents: Join several tents together for larger parties

You can join different size party tents together with a special gutter/joiner system that work with both frame tents and pole tents to join them all together for walkway canopies, catering tents or reception areas. They work great and are seamlessly integrated into the whole line of tents. This also includes clearspan structures as well.

Can I get a tent or canopy that will fit in with a theme party?

Party tents: There's a canopy for every occasion

The variety of designs these days in canopies and tents offers a great number of choices for your party or gathering. Wedding receptions can stay classy and elegant with a party tent designed to look like a southern mansion. Or that birthday party for your 6 year old son will be the hit of the younger set when you get a canopy that looks like a circus tent… just hire a clown and hand out circus party favors and you've got a complete party. You want to have a barn dance, but don't have a barn. There's a canopy for that!
Look around. It is sure you'll find a canopy/tent that will match the theme of the party you are planning.

Do stakes damage my asphalt parking lot?

Party tents: Stakes, concrete anchors are used to anchor your party tent

Stakes won't damage asphalt. It will make a hole about 3/4 to 1 inch in size which can be repaired if needed with special asphalt plugs.
If you have a concrete patio or sidewalk area concrete construction anchors can be used that use bolts and washers to take the place of stakes. These are permanent once installed but are very clean and a hex nut can be put into them flush with the ground if you want to use them again some time later.

We are planning a barbecue for 40 people, what type of tent would you recommend?

Party tents: Backyard barbecues will be easier with a party tent

For your next backyard barbeque, use a canopy to provide shade, warmth and a rest area for guests. Canopies and shade tents come in a variety of sizes and you can choose the best size for the amount of people you're having. For a group of 30 people or less, choose a 10 x 20 canopy. For 40 people you need a party tent that is about 20x20. There are a variety of types avaialable. You should allow for about 10' around the perimeter of the tent so you'll need about 30x30 for proper set up. A smaller area will work but you'll need to make adjustments. Be sure to check for trees that might be hanging low branches or any home fixtures that would interfere with your set up.

Can we barbecue under a party tent?

Party tents: Barbecuing under your party tent is not a good idea

Yes you can barbecue under these party tents to your heart's content but know that the smokey grease will be trapped in the fabric and the smell stays for about a year, so you might want to rethink putting your grills inside.
All you have to do is put the grill at least two feet outside the tent so that the roof doesn't trap the smoke, grease or heat from the barbecue.

How will I anchor my party tent?

Party tents: Large party tents require proper installation

If your wedding, party, or backyard barbeque requires a large tent for your next weed, know that proper installation and maintenance must be taken into consideration for safety reasons. Normally steel stakes that are 20" to 48" long are driven into the ground to anchor your party tent. The actual number of stakes and the size of them will vary depending on what size of party tent it is, how much wind load they may be subjected to and the length of time they will be set up. There are other things that can be used depending on the situation.

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