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Are portable canopies all fairly small?

Portable canopy: Portables mean it can be moved

To be a portable canopy it just has to have the attributes that allow you to take it down, move it and put it up again. There are many sizes, shapes and colors of canopies that fall into this category.
One portable canopy in particular is an RV canopy which measures 12' x 33' x 14' at most manufacturers. These shelters can be just a cover or sides can be added for more protection.

How can I take my yard sale on the road and still sell in rainy weather?

Portable canopies: Take your yard sale on the road

You had a great yard sale last weekend and now you are thinking you have enough stored in your basement to have yard sales all summer long. One problem with weekend yard sales is inclement weather but you can overcome this problem with a protective canopy. The investment can be paid for in just one sale and you'll have a covering for many occasions. You could take your yard sale on the road with the canopy, selling at flea markets or setting up your canopy wherever it is allowed. You could even get that canopy printed with words or advertising to draw attention.

Can you define a portable canopy please?

Portable canopy: Portable canopies are a top held up by poles

A portable canopy is essentially a tent without sides or center pole. It is a top supported by poles. Not too long ago "portable" canopies were not very portable. They were very difficult to put up and take down and extremely cumbersome to move. The "pop-up" design has made the portable canopy easy to move, erect and take down. It can be done in virtually minutes by just one person. These pop-up canopies are based on the same principle as the collapsible umbrella.

Is it always best to get the lightest portable canopy?

With a portable canopy, less isn't always more

Of course you'll want a lighter canopy if you're planning on carrying it around a lot, but don't let weight be your only factor in choosing a portable canopy. You still need to make sure that the canopy has a sturdy frame. A durable portable canopy will specify commercial grade aluminum in the frame as opposed to regular aluminum, which is hollow. A commercial grade aluminum frame typically uses a higher gauge of aluminum and 100% pure aluminum as opposed to using a cast aluminum which can be weaker. Commercial grade aluminum will add to the total weight of your canopy so look for a company that makes up for the weight increase with lighter fittings.

What should I consider before purchasing a portable canopy?

Is your portable canopy truly portable?

Before buying a portable pop up canopy or folding tent that you plan to use often, measure the trunk space in the vehicle you plan on transporting it in most. Make sure that the pop up canopy you purchase not only fits in your vehicle, but leaves adequate room for the other supplies you plan on carrying with you.

How could we utilize the pop-up canopy in a carnival with several game booths?

Portable canopy: Link several portable canopies together for a carnival

You can, of course, get different pop-up portable canopies. But, it might make more sense and look better if you used several of the same type of pop-up tents and connect them together with a gutter or runner. The gutter assembly (could be called different things by different companies) attaches the canopies at the side, linking them together to form a line of booths. This makes for a very nice looking carnival mid-way.

How can I get a lot of canopies set up quickly?

Pop up canopies for large and small events

For large events that require many canopies or for very small events where you won't have a lot of help setting up, pop up canopies are a great choice. Pop up canopies can be set up by as few as two people in as little as 30 seconds each. This will save you time that you can spend arranging your wares or relaxing and enjoying the scenery in the shade.

What is the best portable canopy or tent to use for flea markets?

Portable canopy: Enclosed portable canopies are great for flea markets

A pop up portable canopy enclosed with removable side walls is perfect for a flea market vendors and outdoor enthusiast. These pop up tents have sidewalls that attach by zippers and velcro strapping at the top. Some models have push pin and slider action to lock it in place. No tools are required to put up these canopies and the instant canopy top stays attached to the pop up frame. No matter where you are, whether you are a vendor or a person on the go the enclosed pop-up canopies will provide total shade and privacy.

How can I get a canopy that is truly unique?

Get a custom designed pop up canopy

If you really want to stand out from the crowd or if you have an unusually shaped object to cover, you may want something more than the standard shape, color and size of pop up canopy. Contact the canopy company and ask about their custom canopy options. Chances are, they'll be willing and eager to work with you to develop a custom canopy that is just right for the task you need it for.

Is there a pop-up portable canopy big enough to park and protect my automobile?

Portable canopy: Portable canopies are popular with car enthusiasts

Pop-ups go up to at least 10x20 and larger which is plenty big enough for any normal sized automobile.
Many classic car enthusiasts purchase these canopies to protect their prized automobiles while they are on the road going to shows. They often add graphics to help draw attention to their automobile.

Are there many unique designs in the small, pop-up type portable canopies?

Portable canopies: Designs vary on portable canopies

There are several unique designs for your portable canopy. Manufacturer's engineers have really tapped into their creativity to make these small shelters appealing to the eye as well as functional.

One lovely design for a backyard is a gazebo design. It is a hexagon and if you purchase the "walls" they will come in handy when the weather throws you a curve. The sides roll up or come off whenever the occasion warrants it.

Is there a portable canopy or shelter specifically for ice fishing?

Portable canopy: Ice fishing is more pleasant with a portable canopy

There is a difference between a fishing shelter and an ice-fishing 'house'. The shelter is meant to be moved and is classified as a "portable canopy" or "portable shelter". The key benefits of any ice fishing shelter is simply two things:

Shelter from the wind

Keep heat inside

There are several styles such as:

Flip-over style


ATV mounted


You can build your own but purchasing one from a manufacturer will make your life a little easier. You can find them from different dealers.

A small portable canopy will work very well for your ice fishing. Most any of the small, pop-up canopies would be perfect as long as you get the walls that can be purchased as an accessory to keep the wind off you.

What would a person use a portable canopy for?

Portable canopies: There are many uses for portable canopies

The uses for a portable canopy would be a very long list. Some of the obvious would be:

Picnics and Parties

Sporting Events

Arts & Crafts Festivals

Backyard Barbecues

Fairs & Festivals

Portable canopies can also be used for very practical purposes such as a shed and temporary shelter.

If you have a need for a "place" there is most likely a canopy that would fill the bill.

Is it cheaper to buy a kit for a canopy?

Portable canopy: "Kits" are no different than buying the regular canopy

When you see the words "canopy kit" on a Web site or advertisement the product you receive is essentially the same as ordering a product called just "Portable Canopy". The word "kit" is most likely added to attract the do-it-yourselfer and someone looking for a bargain. A kit would come to you with all the essential pieces, cut the right size and shape and you assemble using an instruction book... the same as you would do with any canopy you receive.

Are pop-up or EZ-up canopies the only ones that erect in minutes with one person?

Portable canopy: There are other easy open canopies on the market

When you are looking for a portable, easy to put up canopy, you need to read the descriptions provided by the manufacturers. There are canopies on the market without the pop-up designation, but are also made with the folding-type frame that allows one person to put it up in minutes.

I have an auto detailing business I operate in a building. I'd like to take it on the road but need a shelter. Is there a portable canopy that would work for this?

Portable canopy: Mobile car detailing work easier with a portable canopy

There are several portable canopies that would work for operating a business on the road. The portable canopy "umbrella" is an instant shade machine. It is designed to swivel when set up to make working around an automobile easier, yet still provide the shade and overhead protection from the elements. Set up and take down of this small canopy is done by one person in minutes and it follows the sun with a simple adjustment. It swivels right and left at the base, telescopes up and down and rotates 360 degrees at the top of the mast. It angles in multiple positions and folds up easily for transport. Can you imagine over 500 sq. feet of protection from the sun and rain right behind your vehicle? It is a detailer's dream.

Does a canopy come with a warranty that covers storm damage?

Check the warranty on your pop up canopy

If you use your pop up canopy a lot, it's inevitable that you'll encounter some bad weather. Don't assume that your canopy is under warranty for damage caused in storms. Because it can be so dangerous to have your canopy up during a storm, many warranties don't cover canopies that have been damaged by rain, hail or other natural causes. Be sure to double check your warranty to see what it includes and doesn't include.

Are city or county permits required for small portable canopies put up on your property?

Portable canopy: Permits would generally not be required for this type of tent

It is always a good idea to check with city hall in the town where you are planning to put up your structure. "Ignorance is no excuse" is a motto to live by.
Cities and towns that would require permits will have the regulations and size limits available for you.
However, it is highly unlikely a permit would be required anyplace for this type of canopy. It is not a permanent structure and normally small, temporary structures (tents, canopies, etc) will not need a permit.

Is there a specific portable canopy you would recommend for family outings?

Portable canopy: Pop-up canopies are the most popular

There are a lot of portable canopies on the market but the pop-up canopy has become the one that is purchased most often. It is economical, lightweight and convenient. It can be put up in minutes with one or two people, depending on the size.

It is equally well-suited for the family outing or the family business. That flexibility is making this shelter a very enduring product.

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