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What do I need to look for in an "all occasion" canopy?

Event canopies: Find the right canopy or tent for your event

If you are looking for an all-occasion canopy or event tent you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What is the main function of this canopy?

2. How many people at a time do I expect to utilize the “shade” or protection?

3. Will the terrain I use always be flat? Or will there be hills and valleys?

4. How much clearance do I need?

5. How much can I spend?

If you are planning your canopy to be one that is taken to different functions, you'll want to choose one that is lightweight and fairly easy to set up – you don't want your party time taken up with setting up the roof.

If you plan to use a location that may not be flat, look for a canopy that can be easily adjusted to compensate for the dips and rises.

Most likely you will want your canopy to be large enough to walk under without stooping … so look for a canopy that will have a clearance of at least 7 feet – higher if you plan to have the local high school basketball team come to the party.

Cost of canopies and event tents varies drastically so do some price comparisons and analysis of the type of canopy you are looking for. The prices begin at about $100 and go up from there. A quality canopy that will last for year typically start around 350.00.

Do you have suggestions that will make our tent event more spectacular?

Event canopies: Lighting will create the right mood for your tent event

The proper lighting for a tent or canopy event will add the extra flair and create the right mood changing a ho-hum event into a spectacular event that will have your guests talking for weeks. To make your tent events real memory makers, discover all the lighting options available. A few ideas are:

Portable chandeliers add focus to a central area of a tent. There also are some great products that simulate a chandelier. These units feature huge, round bulbs and typically hang from pole-style tents.

You can create little settings in different areas of your tent with freestanding lights. Consider a park bench with a pot of flowers situated under a nice old-fashioned looking street lamp.

There are suspension lights that can use decorative glow bulbs or halogen lights for different effects.

You can add drama or flair with colored lights. Shine colored gel lights from inside a plant or flower arrangement. You can try backlighting through decorative theatrical type flats.

Lavendar and pink are great accent colors for tent ceilings. Be careful, however, when you use colored lights ... pink lights, for example, on a table of food will make all the food look pink.

We have a large family reunion coming up. Do you have a suggestion on how to handle the food under a canopy?

Event canopies: A family reunion will be more successful with one or more canopies

If you get a large, oblong-shaped canopy, it would work well to use it for house buffet tables for your family guests. You can have the buffet line quickly if you use both sides of the tables for people to move through.
You might want to consider another large canopy to put tables out for sitting in case of inclement weather. You can get runners to hook a walkway up between the canopies for people to move between the two without getting wet in the rain.
After dinner and after the food is cleared, these areas can be used for games or visiting, or for a talent show. Getting one or more canopies for a family reunion will help insure the success of your event.

Is there a different designed canopy rather than square or hexagon shaped for a corporate dinner?

Event canopies: Consider the unique star canopy for your next event

A unique canopy that has come out recently is the perfect structure for a large event, corporate meetings, banquets - the list could go on and on. When erected the star design of the tent is very aesthetically appealing and functional. The tent is supported by a single center pole and is anchored at the star points with stakes.

The unique design,and variety of sizes, of this canopy makes this particular tent perfect for even more formal occasions as well as a community dinner.

Is there a shelter of some kind that can help with tailgating parties in bad weather?

Event canopies: Tailgating in any weather

Tailgating. It has become a common term and nearly everyone knows what the word connotes. Tailgating has become very popular especially at sporting events. One of the problems encountered with tailgate parties, besides over inebriated fellows, is the weather. Not even the a sports fan can control the weather.
Serious tailgaters are now offered a solution with tailgate canopies … and they can be made exactly for your vehicle. You tell the company the make and model of your pickup and what you want in your new canopy and in most instances, they will ship it to you within a few weeks. You can get extra canopies to extend the party further into the parking lot to accommodate all the friends you will make when you begin offering your tailgate and canopy for fun.

Is there a canopy that would work on the beach?

Event Canopies: Take your canopy along for beach party

Your beach party can be made even better if you take along a pop up canopy. The time it takes to put up one of these canopies is just minutes giving you more time to enjoy the party. If your new canopy has aluminum construction, transportation to the beach or the park is a breeze. A canopy on the beach? You bet! It is the perfect sun block. AND you are ready for any inclement weather.

There are a variety of companies that you can find on the Internet or even locally to purchase this type of canopy.

Is using a canopy or tent for my wedding tacky?

Event canopies: Canopies are designed with your wedding in mind

When it comes to weddings, specifically Jewish weddings, canopies have been used for centuries. However for non-Jewish weddings, using a canopy is more than just standing under a piece of cloth.

It might have been considered "tacky" to use a tent some years ago because there were few options - and, face it, a green army tent isn't very romantic.

The tent and canopy industry has really diversified in the last couple of decades and choices today are enormous.

Weddings from "simple" to "elegant" are held in canopies designed with the wedding in mind. Custom tents that are designed to look like cathedrals, large enough to house an army (no pun intended on the army tent statement). You are only limited by your desire to search out the best design for your particular wedding. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the manufacturer or dealer. They will be happy to assist you and direct you to the best tent or canopy for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Is there a simple canopy that could be set up for day community events such as a fun run?

Event canopies: Fun run rest stops

A traditional, simple canopy has so many uses it would take a book to list them all. Consider using yours to set up a rest area when you organize the next 10k fun run for your bicycling group. If you add an awning-type canvass you can give riders some much needed shade as well as a cool drink and good “adda-boy!” from you. If your club has the funds and can purchase a canopy exclusively for club use, you can advertise for possible future members by having the canopy printed with your club's logo and name.

Can we rent a tent or canopy for an upcoming banquet?

Event canopies: Rent a canopy

You've got a function coming up and you need more room for seating or dining but purchasing a tent or canopy is not feasible. There is another solution. There are many rental companies that have a variety of canopies in all sizes available for rent. Some companies will even come and put up the structure, secure it and take it down when the party is finished.
You will be amazed at all the different styles you can choose from. Some of these tents look like castles! You can have anything from simple to elegant. The rental companies can even supply the tables and chairs… There you have it all in one phone call.

Our community center is limited in size. Can we extend it with a canopy that could be attached to the center?

Event canopies: When your event is larger than your building

The town community center is perfect for most gatherings but you've planned one that is bigger than the building can handle. With no other choice in your small town, you can extend the space of the public building by putting up a canopy/tent adjacent to the building to take on the overflow.
If you work with the manufacturer it is sure you'll be able to connect the canopy to the building using "cat walk" joiners or other innovative ways. Manufacturers have engineers on hand to solve just these types of problems.

We'd like to cap a multi-day corporate event with a formal dinner giving the guests a postcard view of our city. Can you help?

Event canopies: Create a breath-taking dining event to cap off a 3 day conference

Tent and canopy events are sometimes impressive because they are big, others because they are beautiful... others because they are big, beautiful and captivating.
Consider this:
Choose a setting on a hill which will overlook the city and show off the skyline. Construct a large tented environment including cocktail, dining and comfort station areas as well as catering, dressing and equipment storage rooms. A reception annex will be with a connecting tent using clear walls and a clear top allowing guests a panoramic view of the city skyline and protect them from cool winds and possible rain. A custom antique-looking or art deco bar with golden urn-shaped vases full of flowers will provide a visual anchor to the transparent structure.
Using easily erected and connecting canopies and tents, the site can be "constructed" in a weekend and the take down is just as easy.

We have kicked around the idea of a tree-house wedding but are stumped. Any ideas?

Event canopies: Create a tree house effect with several tents and caopies for an unusual wedding

Visualize a tent on a hillside perch built out between the trees with a platform bringing the tent up off the ground about a foot at one end and about 10 feet at the other. The interior of the tent can be swagged and decorated with pepper or other type trees. Another tent is put on another level and a cocktail area on even another ... giving a "tree house" effect. The guests can step down into a sunken dance floor. If the site has a river near or, better yet, running below, include a background noise of croaking frogs and waterfall sounds. With your guests in mind, stash some nice chenille throws behind chairs and in other convenient locations for their use against the night chill.

Is it feasible to use a canopy for an outdoor family barbecue?

Event canopies: A canopy will make your family event more enjoyable

Although it isn't recommended that you actually place your barbecuer inside a tent or under a canopy, you can set it just outside about two feet so you can take care of the cooking food easily while still enjoying the company under the canopy.

There are a number of canopy sizes to consider, but if you are only going to use it for immediate family, a fairly small canopy will work for you. The portable pop-up canopies are easy to put up and take down and you can get "walls" for them to use when the weather is a bit on the cold side. Since the walls can be rolled up or easily removed, you can quickly convert your shelter to enjoy the sun when it comes out.

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