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How can I provide shade on my equipment when working outdoors?

Outdoor canopies: Provide shade on your outdoor equipment

Anyone working in the sun all day knows the value of shade. Adding a protective outdoor canopy to your tractor, ATV or riding mower will keep the sun from damaging your skin and make your work a little easier.

There are lots of different types of canopies you can get for your equipment, from UV protected thermoplastic to aluminum, steel and canvass.

Can I make my own outdoor canopy?

Outdoor canopies: Create an outdoor space with a canopy

You probably have everything you need right in your own home to turn an empty space outside into a “place.” Trees take years and years to grow to give you shade and even then the cover from the elements they provide is minimal. A large piece of cloth, outdoor canopy tarp or drop cloth can go up in minutes and voila! you've got the perfect place to lie in a hammock or toss a blanket on the ground for a quiet afternoon of reading your favorite book. Almost makes you reminisce back to being a kid when making an outdoor tent out of a sheet using some benches as the walls would keep you happy for hours, even days.

How can I protect myself from sun while enjoying my hammock?

Outdoor canopies: Shade yourself on your hammock

Ahhh, relaxing in a hammock! Nothing can be sweeter… until you go in the house and find out you are badly sunburned. A simple solution for shading yourself from the sun or even protecting you and your book from the rain would be an outoor canopy made especially for hammocks.
There are a variety of materials to choose from in order for your hammock and outdoor canopy to complement each other and the material used is always waterproof and weather-resistent.

How can I obtain an inexpensive greenhouse?

Outdoor canopies: Use a canopy/tent for your backyard greenhouse

Greenhouses are very expensive to build but you can put up a small greenhouse in your backyard and have it ready to use in a matter of hours. With the variety of outdoor canopies or outdoor tents on the market you can order one made with clear material with zippered openings. All you have to add are the plants and maybe an inexpensive sprinkling system. You can even get a timer for your sprinkler, cutting your work down even more.
If you are needing a greenhouse that you can put up and take down with ease, consider a smaller outdoor canopy that has a pop-up canopy design.

How can I give my sponsor and myself more visibility on the race track?

Outdoor canopies: Make yourself visible on the track

Racers make a wise choice when they opt for a small outdoor pop-up canopy to either shade their vehicle or provide shade and advertising in the pit. The pop-up canopies are designed with ease of erection in mind and can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes. With a variety of bright colors and the racer's name and their sponsor's advertising screen-printed on the tarp, the racer will stand out and definitely be noticed on the track.

Can I take my canopy camping into the wilderness?

Outdoor canopies: Take your canopy or tent camping in the wilderness

If you decide to take your outdoor canopy or outdoor tent camping in the wilderness you'll be able to camp in places an RV or camper can't go. But if you take your outdoor canopy or outdoor tent into the wilderness, you might want to consider the effect it could have on other campers or hikers. Be considerate when you place your tent or canopy as it can block some great scenic beauty and get you a few angry words from other campers or hikers.

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