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Is it possible to animate or have moving parts on my commercial canopy?

Custom canopy: Animate your canopy for even more attraction

If your eye catches something moving, you look that direction. It is normal. It is possible now days to have an object installed on your custom canopy that will rotate, wiggle, jog to grab customer attention. Ask your dealer if they offer this service or if they can refer you to a place that does.

Is there a way to get a canopy or tent made to fit on my tailgate for tailgating parties?

Custom canopies: Have a custom canopy made for tailgating parties

Tailgating is a popular way to party, especially in the sporting world or the college aged groups. One of the problems encountered with tailgate parties is inclement weather. There are custom canopies available now to help enjoy your party even more. Companies offer customizing of these canopies to fit your particular pick-up or vehicle, even trailers. You tell the company the make and model of your pickup and what you want in your new custom canopy and in most instances, they will have your canopy made and ship it within a few weeks.
You can extend the party into the parking lot with further customizing using extensions.

How far can I go in customizing a tent or canopy?

Custom canopies: More is offered these days to customize your canopy

Great strides have been made in the canopy and tent industry and the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and design. The old square design is still available, and coincidentally, still the most popular. But now you have a choice. You can choose a hexagon shape, one that looks like a house with gable-looking windows… there is even a star shaped canopy available now. You can get a canopy with a flat roof or a sloped roof pointed in the middle. And if you don't see what you want in the company's catalog or Web site, talk to the canopy company about creating custom canopies that fit your needs. Maybe you want a barn look or a hut. Chances are good they will be able to engineer and custom build a tent to your specifications.

Is there a way to have the bride and groom have a special place for vows in an outdoor wedding?

Custom canopy: Customize a canopy for a special wedding

Canopies and tents can now be customized in a huge variety of ways. Perhaps obtaining a pop-up canopy and having it screen-printed with the bride and groom's name on the hanging flap would be a nice touch. Or have it customized with full cover canopy digital printing. You can even print in full color or add a photograph for another unique effect. Consider a canopy with the supports made to look like pillers or have one designed with a white dome and add a chandelier hanging inside.

With your imagination and the canopy company's abilities, the tent will be a hit at the outdoor wedding.

I have a long narrow entrance into my business. Is there a way to erect a canopy over it, have signage painted on it and still have it illuminate for nighttime safety?

Custom canopy: Cover a variety of issues with a custom canopy

A long canopy designed to cover a long walkway into a business can be made into a beautiful guide for customers, one that makes them feel special and safe. Material used on your custom canopy can be translucent making the cover not only beautiful at night, but effective in lighting your entryway.

Graphics on your custom canopy can be screen printed or feature digital printing on fabric with whatever you decide you'd like to see from plain lettering to complex logos or photos. The supports for the canopy do not have to be plain metal posts they can be made to dress up the entry as well.

We have put in a beautiful swimming pool and are now looking for changing rooms we can put up inexpensively. Can you help?

Custom canopy: Use a canopy for a changing room poolside

A nice custom canopy can be made to compliment your pool and provide a small changing room or even a little cabana for shade or privacy.
The canopy you choose for a cabana can be customized with traversing full curtains to offer an elegant look, protection from the sun as well as privacy.

Can I get my company logo and other information printed on a canopy?

Custom canopies: Customize your canopy with graphics for more effect

You can create a custom canopy to make your canopy attractive and stand out in a crowd. Canopy companies will add graphics, screen printing, digital color printing. Your imagination is the only limit.

Using a star design tent and you'll find when this unique, customized tent is erected the shape of the tent is very aesthetically appealing and functional. The tent is supported by a single center pole and is anchored at the star points with stakes. The tent can be set up in only 15 minutes and can seat nearly 100 people and is easily entered from any point.

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