Canopy Frequently Asked Questions

How can I draw attention to my booth?

How do you clean a canopy after a show?

What kind of accessories are available to make my canopy stand out at a show?

What's the best way to protect my canopy?

What kind of custom ordered accessories are available?

What type of walls are available for my canopy or booth at shows?

Do I need to get weights for my canopy?

What's the best way to stabilize my canopy?

How can I provide shade on my equipment when working outdoors?

How can I give my sponsor and myself more visibility on the race track?

How can I obtain an inexpensive greenhouse?

Can I take my canopy camping into the wilderness?

How can I protect myself from sun while enjoying my hammock?

Can I make my own outdoor canopy?

How is the sound when you have a band play surrounded by a canopy?

Can I get a tent or canopy that will fit in with a theme party?

Our company is planning a fund raiser. Do you have any ideas using a tent or canopy?

Are there canopies or tents that can be used for a child's party?

We want our wedding in our garden but our home won't sit that many people for the reception. Is there a nice party tent that will help?

We are planning a barbecue for 40 people, what type of tent would you recommend?

What's the difference between a marquee, a canopy, a pole tent or a clearspan structure?

How will I anchor my party tent?

Do I need a floor in my party tent?

Can we barbecue under a party tent?

Can you heat a party tent in the winter?

Can you join different size party tents together for a function?

Do I need to get a permit if I have a tent for a party?

What size of tent do I need for my party?

Do stakes damage my asphalt parking lot?

Is there a way to get a canopy or tent made to fit on my tailgate for tailgating parties?

Can I get my company logo and other information printed on a canopy?

How far can I go in customizing a tent or canopy?

Is it possible to animate or have moving parts on my commercial canopy?

Is there a way to have the bride and groom have a special place for vows in an outdoor wedding?

We have put in a beautiful swimming pool and are now looking for changing rooms we can put up inexpensively. Can you help?

I have a long narrow entrance into my business. Is there a way to erect a canopy over it, have signage painted on it and still have it illuminate for nighttime safety?

Can the tents or canopies in the military provide safety from chemicals?

Is there a way for military to set up their camps in a more efficient manner?

Is there a way for military recruiters to get to more people with a tent?

Can canopies help in very hot climates to prolong the life of aircraft?

Can the military get special tents made to their specs?

Does the military utilize any portable shelters or canopies with solid walls?

Can we purchase military tents for military re-enactments?

As military needs grow, are there tents that can be added on?

Do you have any ideas to increase revenue using my new canopy?

How can I get more visibility at my trade shows?

Should our Parks and Recreation Department have a canopy or tent for client use?

Is it possible to get table covers that will compliment my commercial canopy at trade shows?

Are there any unique tents on the market that will help my business tand out?

Do you have any idea how I can have a beer garden at a community function that will protect from inclement weather?

Our community center is too small but we can't remodel yet. Is there a way to temporarily expand the size?

Can I make a canopy into a business sign?

We don't have room in our store for a fashion show but would like to utilize the show to bring customers into our store. Do you have an idea for a tent or canopy that might work for this?

Do I need a canopy booth for my flea market sales?

Can a tent handle a large business in an emergency?

Is there a shelter of some kind that can help with tailgating parties in bad weather?

Is there a simple canopy that could be set up for day community events such as a fun run?

Can we rent a tent or canopy for an upcoming banquet?

Is there a different designed canopy rather than square or hexagon shaped for a corporate dinner?

Our community center is limited in size. Can we extend it with a canopy that could be attached to the center?

Is using a canopy or tent for my wedding tacky?

Is it feasible to use a canopy for an outdoor family barbecue?

We have a large family reunion coming up. Do you have a suggestion on how to handle the food under a canopy?

We'd like to cap a multi-day corporate event with a formal dinner giving the guests a postcard view of our city. Can you help?

We have kicked around the idea of a tree-house wedding but are stumped. Any ideas?

Do you have suggestions that will make our tent event more spectacular?

Is there a canopy that would work on the beach?

What do I need to look for in an "all occasion" canopy?

I have an auto detailing business I operate in a building. I'd like to take it on the road but need a shelter. Is there a portable canopy that would work for this?

Can you define a portable canopy please?

How can I take my yard sale on the road and still sell in rainy weather?

What is the best portable canopy or tent to use for flea markets?

Is it cheaper to buy a kit for a canopy?

Are there many unique designs in the small, pop-up type portable canopies?

Is there a specific portable canopy you would recommend for family outings?

What would a person use a portable canopy for?

Are city or county permits required for small portable canopies put up on your property?

How could we utilize the pop-up canopy in a carnival with several game booths?

Is there a pop-up portable canopy big enough to park and protect my automobile?

Are portable canopies all fairly small?

Are pop-up or EZ-up canopies the only ones that erect in minutes with one person?

Is there a portable canopy or shelter specifically for ice fishing?

What should I remember when bringing my canopy to the driving range?

Which canopy works best for travel on my boat?

How can I best use my canopy at my company's sidewalk sale?

What should I keep in mind when making weights for my canopy?

Is it ok to use my canopy during a storm?

How can a canopy benefit me at my yard sale?

Do I need a canopy permit for my company's event?

How can I make sure my customers enter through the front of my canopy?

What is the best canopy for tailgating?

How can I better enjoy my outdoor hot tub when it's raining?

How can I get my workshop projects done without being stuck inside all day?

What's the best way to set up a lemonade stand?

Which canopy should I use at an arts and crafts show?

How can I create a team space at my kids' soccer game?

How can a beginning arts and crafts show vendor get a good canopy?

How can I get a canopy that is truly unique?

Is it always best to get the lightest portable canopy?

How can I get a lot of canopies set up quickly?

What should I consider before purchasing a portable canopy?

Does a canopy come with a warranty that covers storm damage?

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