Event canopies: Lighting will create the right mood for your tent event

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Do you have suggestions that will make our tent event more spectacular?

Event canopies: Lighting will create the right mood for your tent event

The proper lighting for a tent or canopy event will add the extra flair and create the right mood changing a ho-hum event into a spectacular event that will have your guests talking for weeks. To make your tent events real memory makers, discover all the lighting options available. A few ideas are:

Portable chandeliers add focus to a central area of a tent. There also are some great products that simulate a chandelier. These units feature huge, round bulbs and typically hang from pole-style tents.

You can create little settings in different areas of your tent with freestanding lights. Consider a park bench with a pot of flowers situated under a nice old-fashioned looking street lamp.

There are suspension lights that can use decorative glow bulbs or halogen lights for different effects.

You can add drama or flair with colored lights. Shine colored gel lights from inside a plant or flower arrangement. You can try backlighting through decorative theatrical type flats.

Lavendar and pink are great accent colors for tent ceilings. Be careful, however, when you use colored lights ... pink lights, for example, on a table of food will make all the food look pink.



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